September 17, 2007

Introduction with the opening of this blog for Webmasters

There is no need to try to explain the importance of Google’s Page Rank. Every webmaster knows that the best internet traffic comes from search engines, and Google, in this moment, is the most important. So, the main task for a webmaster is to get his site placed as high as possible in Google search results.

Everybody also know that to be placed in first positions the page must be well written, with the selected keyword well spreads in the titles and in the text of the body, that the page must have a lot of incoming links (the link that link the page from other sites/pages), that those incoming link must use the selected keyword as link text, and that the page must have a good Page Rank.

It seems to me that many webmasters do not fully understand the concept of Page Rank and how to obtain it. In this blog I will try to address some of the arguments that I frequently discussed with other webmasters in order to express my opinion regarding this issue.

I used this introduction to tell immediately on, due to me, very important fact. All webmasters that work hardly to place their sites at the firsts positions of searching results, base their efforts using information that have and that often are not very reliable, and coming from different fonts.

Google doesn’t give much referent points, and frequently those points can be interpreted in different ways. Google recommends to webmasters to make sites for surfers, not for SE placement, and to look own sites with the critical eye of visitors, to understand better the quality and the potential of them. You must ask yourself: “Will my visitors find those they are looking for”? I recommend the same thing in the different way, to look the site white the eyes of Google, and to ask yourself: “If I were Google, what should I think about my site”?