December 31, 2008

Page Rank updated the last day of the year

This year, 2008, Google was updating very regularly, each 2 months, so everybody was expecting an update at November this year, but Google disappointed us, and lot of us webmasters thought that the regularity of the updating was finished and went back in the past, when this event seemed to be very casual. Today morning I switched on my modem and took up Internet connection, wanting to make some control about some of my new sites. I opened one of them and wow, there was Page Rank on the Tool Bar. After that, I controlled some my old sites and I noticed that there were some changes in PR, so Google was really updated it’s Tool Bar page rank. For all webmasters that work seriously this is a nice gift for the end of the year. Lets see the updates of Google this year, with some approximation: January 10, February 28, May 1, July 27, September 27 and finally December 31. Only this last one, is over 3 months.

Generally, my sites went very well with this last update. For some less important sites I lost some PR but the major part earned something, so now I have 2 sites with PR5, and that isn’t bad. I hope that this will take some money too, from my Internet business.

Hopping that this update was good for you too, I wish you happy new Year, and let your sites have good Page Rank and be on the first page of Google and other search engines. Happy new Year to all of you.