January 10, 2017

Free blog

Happy new year to all of you. Personally I hope in one better year respect the past. I had a lot of problems with my health. This is due to my advanced age: I’m not far from sixty. Nothing really serious, but rather unpleasant. A lot of pain and spent money, for doctors, analysis and medicines. But the money was the last problem for me. I still have some difficulty with teeth and my dentist didn’t discover the reason for the pain I feel. Well, I don’t want to transform this blog in health one, so let’s speak about webmastering. I work about, but slowly, without conviction. I feel that I have not enough stimulus. There are periods that I work without knowing why and what is the purpose of work. Often I do useless thinks, as an excuse that I do something, however.

To wake me up I decided to visit fair of gambling and financial industry online, in Berlin, at the second half of November, past year. In parenthesis, there I begun to have problem with teeth. The expectation was to see the news in the field made by provider, listen the experts of SEO and obtain new inspirations to find the right direction and the creativity. The first day I had a bad surprise with the organization of the fair: the opening and registrations of participants were delayed for an hour. We are in Germany, I wondered? I didn’t find known people,  the third day I had already done some knowledge. The interesting and nice people, but too tied to work; there are no other issues on which you can chat with them. The usefulness of the trip was very relative. It had more touristic value, I visited for the first time the capital of Germany, then business utility. I found a new sponsor for Forex, on the advice of my current sponsor, but the experience for now is not very cheering.

Many of us used free blogs, to secure links to sites that belong to us. I call them support. The best thing would be to have possess of own domain and hosting, but this would cost, so we go for free solutions. The problem is that not all hosting are good, for various reasons. One of the problems is that the provider will often drop the service and we have to find a new one. Sometimes the system automatically adds a nofollow tag to links that we insert and we do not like However it can be acceptable because it ensures a diversification of types of links (it seems that Google appreciate this). Sometimes the inserted links become a dynamic address, virtually unrecognizable.

This is the case of the blog hosting by jimdo.com. One we might say that this is part of the differentiation, and might be acceptable, but there are other inconvenient. Just yesterday I closed my web log on this host and the main reason was the barely comprehensible and controllable interface. First problem I had to log my account: the form contains all the fields, without distinction, for both the logging and registration of new users. I tried it with different browsers, but the problem persisted. Once inside, I had this problem before, you could not figure out how to insert pictures in the article. At the end I succeeded to fix everything, controlling well. In the afternoon, probably I had an intuition about, I opened the page and the pictures were missing. Except one, but that presented only half of original photography.

Fed up of the matter, I decided to cancel the account. It took me more than 15 minutes to figure out how to do it. This has nothing to do with intuitive interface. The only reasonable approach is to try to click everything and hope to find what you need before the last attempt: the misfortune here often puts his finger. The blog I am talking about was at his third host; the first two have closed and jimdo.com I closed myself. Now I'm on the fourth attempt. But it does not say that trouble always comes in threes? In the new information age it seems that we also need to change the popular sayings.