January 2, 2008

Recapitulation of real Page Rank values

Here is a table with the intervals of real Page Rank values.

PR Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Toolbar Value Value Value Value
0 1 6 1 9
1 7 48 10 99
2 49 342 100 999
3 343 2.400 1.000 9.999
4 2.401 16.806 10.000 99.999
5 16.807 117.648 100.000 999.999
6 117.649 823.542 1.000.000 9.999.999

We will make reference to the real values of the accurate method.

Well, we made a new web site and we go hunting Page Rank. We want to reach at least a PR3 in the next Google update. Lets see how much link, and of what quality, we must have to reach our objective.

To have a PR3, our site must receive a minimum real value of 343 (as from the table above). Lets suppose that the links to our site come from PR3 pages with about 30 links for page: each of this page passes a value of 257 (the minimum value for PR3 from the first article), divided by 30 are 8,57. So, 343/8,57 = 40 pages of this kind must link our site.

It’s a hard work to find 30 pages with this characteristics. We can try to submit our site to directories, to top lists that use direct link, and to trade link with other webmasters.