April 21, 2013

Disappointments continue

Thanks to my own activities on Internet, well, actually more the past ones then the recent ones, I don't feel the European and the global financial crisis. I bought my own apartment, the car (even if from 1999 it's still functional) and I have some savings in the bank. Recently the revenues of my sites declined but I'm not complaining about that, my past work allows me to live well. A few month ago I realized problems my sites encounter but I'm trying not to give too much importance to the thing. I love my job and I'm grateful for that, I don't think excessively to the final purpose, I mean the money.

One of my activities that continues without interruptions is the research of the new backlinks, from domains never used before. Two days ago I found a great source, useful to reach thousand of links, that have a pagerank with a certain value. I firmly believe backlinks together with pageranks will have again the importance they had in the past; actually it seems to me this is the only possible way to distinguish between different sites. The devices used by Google in the last year seem to me not so punchy and they don't improve the research results.

Recently I discovered the penalties inflicted to those sites who have advertise banners on the top of the screen. According to one of my analysis it seems Google apply sanctions even if on the head of the page is present a big image. The excuse for doing this are the presumable complaints from users that don't like to scroll down the screen to get to the topic of their interest. There are sites where the user don't have to drag down the scrollbar because all the information he needs are already visible, in another case, doing a little physical effort, you can find what you were looking for. I think there is a little bit of mess in all that.

Not being able to reach the visitors arriving from the best search engines, I try to get them from the other resources, for example, from my sites that don't have sponsors or any kind of economic advertising, they have a small number of visitors but also some decent SERP placement. It's clear that users who visit those pages are not looking to buy something, in any case sometimes they can be a source of income; it's like building a house, a brick above the other and at the end of the work you have your own home.

Another method I use is to subscribe in top lists and try to be in first positions helping me by manually clicking, sometimes even using proxies. I admit, it's not correct but as the Bible says "who is without sin cast the first stone". Am I right? Everything I do is to be present on the first page of the most important search engine in the world, waiting to be judge positively and be able to keep my life style the same as it was in the past years.