October 31, 2013

Unfair rules

The summer has passed and the days are getting shorter and colder, so much of us will turn back to work with new enthusiasm. During the summer I did two separate vacations of two weeks: one travel in China and Tibet and one holiday on the see, in Croatia, under beach umbrella, enjoying clean sea and good Croatian beer called “Ozujsko pivo”. So I loaded my batteries for this autumn and the coming winter.

When I was back to home, I found a very bad surprise: two domains, from where I had a lot of links were closed; the webmasters didn’t renewed them. So I lost few tens of links, and this notice means that I must work very hardly to recover them. This happened rather often. As in the life, neither on Internet there are fix points on which you can bet forever. Due to my SE positions, there were no much news; a lot of my pages were still penalized, and I want to say something about the mode in which Google apply penalties.

My modest opinion is that each webmaster has full responsibility for his own site; for the content and the link present on the pages, but can’t has any obligation versus the factor that are external to the same site. For some times I hear the voices about Google’s penalization relative to the bed incoming links. I always refused to believe in that, but my sites want off, and finally I decided to verify if there is truth in that speeches. Two of my sites had very bad positioning in SERP and I had nothing to lose, so at April I removed some links that could be considered wicked. After 3 weeks I noticed improvements of my ranking. I was happy for that improvements, but very unhappy for the discovery I did.

To have a final prove of this fact, now I should try to link one or two sites with some wicked link and be assured that their position go down. And this is the main problem, because this interpretation will take us in a global war against our concurrent. It wouldn’t be enough to simply neglect eventually bad links, and not operate penalization? In that mode nobody can’t hurt other sites, and incorrect webmaster would only waste their time trying to earn such kind of connections, that don’t give any rate.

Last news from Google

Google’s speaker Matt Cutts said this days that Pagerank Toolbar will not be updated this year, and avoided to respond to the question about next year update. This notice immediately caused some webmaster to conclude that the Google ranking of pages is dead conceptually, and this suspect turn back frequently. But one can draw a different conclusion; that Google want to hide it’s really intention, and to give in future bigger value to this parameter, without letting know to webmaster the real worth of the sites, leaving visible on Toolbar old Pageranks.