October 29, 2007

Toolbar’s Page Rank updated

Finally, after a long waiting, 26th October Google updated Toolbar’s Page Rank, too. Why did I use the word too?

Because the real value of Page Rank updates regularly, each 2-3 weeks, while the Toolbar’s value updates rarely: the last update was in April, 6 months ago.

The prove of this fact is the substantial changes in Google’s rank of some sites, in some periods, due to this invisible updates, not supported by Toolbar update.

October 18, 2007

Simplified method of Page Rank Calculation

In the previous article an accurate method to calculate Page Rank was exposed. For everybody that found that method too complicated, here is a simplified method, obviously less accurate.

To calculate a minimum page rank real value that one page passes to another page, after number 1 we must add as much zeros as the value of Toolbar’s Page Rank is, multiply by 0,75 and divide
It by total number of links present on the same page. An example: suppose that we examine a PR3 page with 34 links. This page passes real value of

1000 x 0,75 / 34 = 22,05

The maximum value is this value multiplied by 10, that is 220,5.

Using method from the previous article, we would have the minimum value 257/34 = 7,56, and the maximum value 1800/34 = 52,94, the values more lower then those obtained with simplified method.

To transform the Page Rank real value in Toolbar’s Page Rank, we must simply count the number of characters of the number that presents the real value, and decrement the count by 1. For example, one page has real Page Rank value of 3419: there are 4 characters, less 1, so Toolbar’s Page Rank value is 3.

The values previously calculated would give Toolbar’s Page Rank:
- for simplified method we have real value 22,05: 2 characters less 1, so we have PR1;
- for accurate method we have real value 7,56: log(7,56)/log(7) = 1,04, so PR is 1.