June 5, 2008

Google becomes active and a little strange

Seems that Google changed tactics about toolbar PageRank updating: after very rarely updating last year (only 3 updates, with an inactive period of 6 months), this year Google updates frequently, with very regular intervals. At the start of May it made third update; the first was at the start of January, and the second at the end of February, practically each 2 months. This fact facilitates a lot the work of all those webmasters that work constantly to improve page rank of their sites.

The last 2 or 3 updates there is a strange thing: often happens that index/home page has a good PR, while the inner pages of the site, linked from the index page, have not PR. In some cases, some inner pages have PR, while the others no.

Is this a result of some error in the Google’s software, or it’s a “desired error”, as what happen with the representation of back links, because Google don’t want give away all the information about the site, it’s difficult to say. Maybe it has something to do with a new policy from August 2007, that penalizes too much reciprocal links: it’s very usual to have the same, inner, links on all the pages of one site.

The last curiosity: Google updated Page Rank, without updating the toolbar, about May, 15. I know this, because one my site lost in this occasion a lot of traffic. I was at the first page of the Google’s search results for one rather used keyword, and I had about 1500-2000 visitors/day from Google. After I lost my position on the first page (now I’m on the second page), I have only about 200 visitors per day.