July 30, 2009

How to get good placement with Search Engines

First of all, let’s say what I consider a good placement in Search Engines. It’s simply, the best thing is to be at first place on the first page of search results, but as good position normally is considered to be at the first page. If your site is present at the second or third page, you will probably have some traffic, but insufficiently to make enough money from your little business, supposing that you use the sponsors that pay you for clicks, or more usually for sell products. Let’s remember that the best clients are the visitors that come from search engines. And we want to have lot of them, so they can click our banners and buy our products.

As you can see from various articles on this blog, the tip to reach a good placement in Google and in other search engines is very simply: have a good pagerank and lot of backlinks to our site. The both of this things are reached in the same mode, submitting the site to directories, top lists and exchanging links with other webmasters that have the same scope as you. The concept is basically very natural and simply but it’s not always easy traduce it in the practice. Some of the directories and top lists, too, are specialized in some particular themes and don’t accept sites with not adequate contents. Lot of webmasters don’t want to trade link with some kind of sites, for example with adult sites, or with those that promote online games, or high yield investments.

The solution of this problem is to create a little network, better if a big one, of own sites, dedicated to the most various themes, and very different contents. From my point of view it’s better not go too far, i.e. the themes should be ours, the things that interest and excite us, that we know something about because in that mode is much more easier dedicate free time to this sites. When we create a net of about ten, twenty sites, it becomes rather hard to maintain and promote them if we haven’t passion. Part of our net can be composed of different blogs that we can freely open with some providers and less important sites can be free hosted (however, be careful to chose a good free hosting; there are on the Internet). The most important thing is differentiate arguments and subjects.

So now we can submit this, let’s call them, secondary sites to the places that our main sites wouldn’t be ever accepted and listed because out of topic. When our secondary sites one day finally reach Google’s pagerank (I forgot to say that this secondary sites must be promoted, but it seemed to me superfluous), we will put the links that point our primary sites and the game is done. Practically we obtained indirect links from the sites that wouldn’t give us direct link.

Construction of one little network with at least 10 sites, but not more then 50 if the network is managed by one person only, is an excellent solution that can greatly increase our revenues, but requires from 2 to 3 years of work. Having such a nice network, tomorrow when we will open a new site, we can give it immediately whole of links that will guarantee a fat achieve of page rank. The better thing is that the network is our, so we can do with what we want, and we can link what we need, without any dependence from other subject of Internet life.