November 17, 2010

SEO parameters - second part

Yes, it's been a while since I wrote my last post but during the summer I prefer to spend time in nature, walking and riding the bike, instead of hanging on the computer. Summer is already gone and it’s time to return to work. The first article was posted in April and those month something important have happened for all the webmasters. Google has introduced Cocaine. Yes, you read right, the new version isn’t called Caffeine, as they want us to believe and I have the evidence to prove all this. The ranking the new version gives, compared to previous ones, can only be produced by an entity heavily doped: you don’t understand how it works. Or at least it was so early, a shock for those involved in this sector, but now the webmaster begin slowly, slowly to understand the new rules and adapt to them. The changes are a lot and in many cases it will take a lot of time and effort to get back on earlier positions, but this is Internet, characterised by its dynamism, many changes, today you are in and tomorrow you are out. But let’s go back to our theme.

Often the second part of a movie or a book has the same title as the first but with the addition of the word "revenge." Therefore, the title could be SEO parameters, the revenge of SE. In fact, in the years to come algorithms became more and more complicated that only few were able to understand. But the turning point was the introduction of backlinks as a parameter. Replicate a site is easy, but having the same external links is much more difficult, especially if the guy we want to reproduce has its own network of sites where he links; certainly he will not give a link to his rival.

With the birth of backlink also the market for links was born. I will pay you and you will post a link to my site on your web page. The result of this was that the strong, I think of those with a solid financial base, have become even stronger and the weaker ones, but often full of enthusiasm and great content, they are almost gone from the front pages with the results. Also Google has noticed this fact and has introduced new rules but without any significant change; it is difficult to be sure that a link has been sold, that is bought. So the internet reflects today's society very well, pure capitalism – money earn money. No despair, there are many exceptions to this rule.

One of the results of back links is also the pagerank, which is widely analyzed in these pages, which lately has become less important than once, but differently of many webmasters who believe in its death (the argument in their favor is the fact that it was not updated for more than half a year), I think it's still an important parameter.

Returning to the words used to link our site, Cocaine has introduced an innovation. The sites optimized for search engines were penalized. Too much uniformity in the keyword of the ancor tag linked to us is for example considered optimizations we mentioned above. Therefore, according to the latest knowledge in the sector, it’s important to diversify the keyword. For example, if our main keyword is "ads online," it should be dilute its presence of about 70% of cases and the remaining 30% use alternative words such as "best ads online," "buy and sell ads" etc.

There are obviously also other terms of comparison, they say more than a hundred, that Google considers, from which many lesser known, but we will see them in the sequel.