What is big bung and for what can be used? If you visit you will not find the answer you expected. There are some articles that I enjoyed to read, because wrote in an articulated style that is mix among humor and sarcasm, with some other literature elements. Visit it and learn something about author’s experience with trading currencies and conflict between productive forces and means of production. The last one still must produce the synthesis as predicted by great German philosopher Friedrich Hegel. An intelligent way to pass some information and knowledge in a funny way.

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Translation of one lyric of Dirty Theater

Everything is easy when you are young
Every cloth fit you well
And every wound less pain
Everything is easy when you are young
It’s easier to turn your back to happiness
Who cares who you'll leaflets
Blood and tears can flow

Video recording of The Slade’s concert, Göteborg, 26 June 2015

One decade together with you 

Today is September 17, 2017. Ten years ago I opened this blog. The first article was very short and was an introduction about thematic inspiration for the log. One decade is a long period and I’m still here to update this creation from time to time. Not so frequently as before, and as I would like, but there are other engagements in my life that have precedence. Obviously, treating for long time the same argument is boring too. I hope that you, my dear visitors, found some useful knowledge and ideas for your daily work, and maybe were helped to make some money with your sites.