April 10, 2014

Webmaster in vacation

In this period there is the lack of news regarding my webmaster's job so I decided to tell you a story, related to the issues present in this blog. Here it is!

A successful webmaster, became rich thanks to his job, decided to take year off from the work. He always wanted to go around the world in a luxury yacht. There was no need to buy it; he decided to hire one. Obviously he couldn't leave his business without monitoring it and, therefore he took with him the laptop and for remote areas in the middle of ocean, where internet connection was impossible, he bought the coolest model of satellite phone present on the market. It was really expensive, the phone and the connection. Luckily he hadn't financial problems.

The journey started from the west coast of the United Stated. In those two month, everything was relaxing, he had no rush. Actually, he was happy about his decision to take some time off and elated about his new page ranking. He realized how productive was to work in such a beautiful atmosphere. Thanks to his new spiritual energy, also the creativity became more powerful. He was in the middle of a Pacific ocean when his yacht was overturned by a tropical storm. Immediately he understood there was no other way than wear the lifejacket and so he did. That was the last thing he remembered. When he opened his eyes, he was laying on the white sand, so he realized he was in the remote island in the ocean.

He lived on the island struggling against hunger, weather conditions, the nights were cold and days hot, but he had hope that one day, someone would have found him. After six months the hope was becoming weaker and he was desperate. Since he was a rational man, very aware of his situation, he decided to build a hut and protect himself from the weather events. One morning, he woke up and he saw in front of his eyes, a beautiful, tanned, blonde woman. She explained the man she was a castaway, on the other part of the island.

After two hours of walking, they reached the hut built by the woman and inside everything was very luxurious! There were no branches and palm leaves but metal and plastic panels. She also had a fridge, a gas cooker, table, chairs and many of kitchen tools. In the bedroom there was a bed with mattress, wardrobe and behind the house there was a diesel generator that produced electricity. She explained to the man that all the stuffs were recovered from the ship on which she was traveling, sank two years earlier.

The man, amazed by this unexpected miracle, took a shower, ate something and took a nap on the hammock under the palm tree. When he woke up, the woman was standing in front of him, completely naked. She told him:
- Now you will get what you dreamed for the past six month alone on this island.
He, excited:
- Really? - I can't believe it! You have also an Internet connection?